Pagoda Lab presents Locally Hyped

Our goal is to "hype" local businesses and especially startups in the community. To keep them on their journey and do everything we can to help them.

Our end goal is an entirely locally sourced subscription box that features vendor products and showcases what Colorado offers. One day expanding to other cities across the country.

For now, we are spending hours with other startups in Colorado, supporting them and working with them to get their products out to the consumers.
How we can help!
Team Subscriptions
Send curated snack boxes to your employees on a recurring basis. Choose from one of our plans, or create your own. Send one time, once a quarter, job anniversary.
Meetings & Events
Send a Taste of Colorado snack boxes for your in-person, virtual meetings, seminars or conferences.
In Office & On Location
Let us spice up your break room offerings with our local snacks. Let us curate and cater to your office with a premium selection of Colorado snacks.
Employee & Client Gifts
Create custom gifting experiences for your employees and clients. In addition to delicious snacks, we can also work with you to include personalized videos for the boxes.
Wellness Initiatives
We can help you source curated boxes to support your employee wellness programs, nothing better than candles and bath balms.
Welcome Home Boxes
Interested in building a unique experience for your real estate client? Let's create a custom program that aligns with your company culture and help support Colorado businesses.
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Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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